Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter break festivities

We really enjoyed having Ed home for 2 weeks while the kids were out of school. We had plenty of lounging around the house but also ventured out for some fun. We hit up the Sacramento Zoo twice...once with just us and the other time with our friends the Aubins. We also went to Six Flags with our friends the Cains. All of the kids were so much braver with the rides compared to last summer! It was weird waiting for Drew, Quincy, Lexi and Will to get off of Tony Hawk's Big Spin which they rode over and over again by themselves! It's a legit ride, just doesn't go upside down. Chase rode a roller coaster and giggled the whole time. In the midst of it all Chase, my baby, turned 2! Ed went back to work today, the 2 older kids are at school and we're looking forward to my mom and sister coming for another visit tomorrow. Saturday Ed & I leave for Hawaii, so those pics should be the next update.

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