Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chase, do your eyes.

OK, this may be one of those things that only parents think is funny. You've been warned. All you have to do is say to him, "Chase, do your eyes." and this is what he does...on command...every time. I know he looks a little possessed, but it's pretty cute. My mom swears this is incredible eye control for such a young child. Leave it to a grandma to make a trick look like a "gift"! :-)

Quincy's 6th Birthday

Family and family-by-love helped us celebrate our girl turning 6. It was so special having Dede and Aunt Jamie here. Quincy is a super first grader, takes dance classes (ballet/jazz/tap combo), is taking Spanish classes with Drew after school 2 days a week, loves her brothers, is her Dad's special girl and I am so proud of the young lady she's becoming. She is a gift from God to us and I am so glad she's with me in this family of boys. 6 years has gone by too fast! I have included 2 pics of her as a happy baby.

Guests from Alabama

We finally got someone from my family to come see us! Mom and Jamie flew out for 2 weeks and we enjoyed their visit so much. Besides a side trip to Apple Hill, we just stayed local and let them experience a "day-in-the-life" of the Sanderson Six.
Pic #1: It was too cold to swim so we heated up the spa for some water play. Pic #2: Dede would sit outside with the kids everyday while they competed for her attention. Drew is practicing his Wall Ball skills. Pic #3: All the kids love Aunt Jamie, but she and Cole had a special bond. He would go up to her room and say "You're buddy is here!". Here she is with Quincy and Spiderman. Pic #4: Dede and the kids in Apple Hill. Pic #5: My mom and I. (Picture taken by a little person) Pic #6: We celebrated Jamie and Quincy's birthdays while they were here. This is a partial group shot of Quincy's celebration.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nothing special

The kids participated in a Jog-a-thon for school and did very well. They say the average is 17 laps (in 30 minutes) and Drew & Quincy did 24 and 21 laps respectively. I was very proud of them. I got to help punch lap-cards and cheer on all the kids. It's a fun fund-raiser. Check out Chase in the background of Drew's picture...what IS he doing!?

Grandma & Grandpa got to come to one of Drew's soccer games and we got this cute shot.

My three sons...